Trains have been used actively since as early as 1863 for purposes of transporting cargo and people. The U.S is one of the many countries which have significantly embraced the use of trains for transportation of people in the cities. Even though it is a very reliable, fast, safe and energy efficient means of transport, many passengers are opting for the use of other methods of transportation like taxis and the popularity of trains is diminishing.

With the growing population in most cities in the U.S, the need for a faster mode of transport in the form of trains with new and improved features is required. Traffic has become almost unbearable in the main cities, and there is the need to make the trains more relevant and reliable once again. To be able to achieve this vision the following are key elements to look at:

More trains
America needs more trains now, and fast. It is a good thing that new metro systems are already being put in place in cities that have been having traffic problems. Doing this will solve the issue of accidents and congestion on the roads, and many people can get to their destinations faster.

New Trains
The current trains are the old trains that were designed long ago. They have limited space inside, and most passengers are inconvenienced having to stand up because all the seats are full of other travelers. New trains with a large number of seats are needed. They should be designed to be a bit more comfortable with enough leg space.

Other countries are already ahead of the technology curve by having state-of-the-art trains with onboard TVs, heated seats, breakneck speeds and semi-automated trains where the driver has very minimal control over the train. Imagine having a train with a cafeteria, a lounge or even a place for playing indoor games inside. Such trains already exist in places like Dubai and Tokyo, so it is up to the U.S to embrace this. Implementing these ideas will motivate the use of trains especially for long distance travels as it gives you the feeling of a relaxed atmosphere. Such levels of comfort have proven to draw more people to use trains as their major means of transport.

Another advantage is at the train stations as congestion and confusion will be reduced because of the mass availability of trains, so no one will have to run over being worried that they may miss their train.

The future of U.S trains relies on these and many other factors to be fully put in place. Let trains be once again a haven for passengers to enjoy not only safety but also for comfortability when commuting to their various destinations.