Train sets are one of the best toys you can buy for your kids. Do you know? Playing with these sets can amuse your kids for a longer time than most other toys and at the same time improve their artistic and physical abilities. In the market, you will find a variety of train sets for kids and to pick the best for your children can be a daunting task. But worry no more, as this article will help you decide on the one that will interest your little one. Before we look at the best train sets for kids, let’s first understand the various types in the market.

Types of Train Sets
1. Wooden train sets – Wooden train sets have a wooden track and are suitable for small children, under five years. The wood is usually light enough for the little ones hence they won’t find it difficult to use them

2. Diecast train sets – These are sturdy metal trains suitable for 5 years olds and above. They usually painted in bright colors.

3. Battery operated train sets – Most of these are imported from China and include a plastic track, a locomotive, and cars. They come with a battery which powers the engine and others have a transformer. They are suitable for 4-year olds and above.

4. Electric Train Sets – These use wall current which is converted to 6—18 volts by a transformer. For small children, parents need to supervise them while setting up to avoid giving them an unnecessary headache.


Best Train Sets for Kids
The following are some of the best train sets you can choose for your little ones:

Lionel Little Lines Train Set
While most people know Lionel for its model railroad train sets which are not appropriate for kids, this remote-controlled train set is designed for little ones. It comes with a simple remote control and a snap-together track to keep your children amused all day long. With Lionel Little Lines Train set, your kids can take the train off the track and play with it around the house.

Imaginarium Train Set
This fantastic figure 8 train set will help your kids appreciate the joy of train sets. It’s usually a 31-piece set that includes 4 trains, 14 pieces of track, 3 buildings, a bridge, and 2 trees. The trains have a strong magnetic coupling that will ensure their durability.

Thomas the Tank Engine Train Set
This train set really sets the standards of train sets. What makes Thomas train set stand from the other train sets is that each train has a distinct personality. Actually, in a way, they are just like dollhouses only that they lack wheels. Your kids will surely find adventure in these wonderful toys.