Trains are not the primary mode of transport in modern cities, but they are certainly popular. Thousands who choose the train over cars, planes, and boats for their daily commute say it has several advantages;

Statistics show that in comparison to roads, rail is the safer mode of travel. Train accidents are reported with less frequency than road accidents, meaning it is safer for commuters that rely on rail transport. Rail is thought a more reliable means of transit than air as trains are rarely grounded due to poor weather.

No traffic
There is hardly ever a delay on the railway, which is a major plus for city dwellers who lead a fast-paced life. There are no traffic gridlocks and jams lasting for hours, which is commonplace on roads everywhere.

Impressive views of the scenery
Trains tend to go off the beaten path, passing idyllic locations and landmarks which make one’s travels more captivating. The first train ride is a pure thrill for anyone as it is a chance to see the world from a different perspective. Depending on your destination, a train journey might take you through a city, national park or across a river, all with stunning sights to behold.

Rail passengers are typically more comfortable with larger seats and plenty room to move around. This is ideal for long journeys when feet can get stiff from sitting too long. There is much convenience on a train as it has several amenities to suit the traveler. A dining car gives one the chance to mingle while a private cabin gives room to rest undisturbed. Backpackers enjoy nightly train travel as they can shower and comfortably get dressed for their next adventure. If pressed for time, they can also fill up on supplies on the train.

Energy efficiency
Trains consume less energy than cars or planes and electric trains further reduce the carbon footprint of the rail industry. In addition to lower power consumption, electric trains do not cause noise pollution.

Traveling by train is a delight for the eyes, refreshing and certainly more comfortable than most other means of transport. It may not be the fastest way to reach a destination unless you are on an express train, but the journey is certainly memorable. For people who work in a busy city, taking the train is an ingenious way of avoiding the dreadful wait in crazy road traffic.